It is important for health professionals to recognise the multidimensional nature of women’s sexual difficulties and develop their knowledge and skills to respond to women’s concerns appropriately. It is erroneous to limit women’s sexual difficulties to a biological cause that could be alleviated by a pharmaceutical drug and neglect all other related factors. A comprehensive sexual education should be offered to all people with different age groups and backgrounds to recognise the cues and importance of sexual life and know how to manage it. It should mainly target the couples given the impact of their interrelation on one another sexual satisfaction. The first sexual experiences tend to shape later experiences, particularly for women .

The nationality issue is highly sensitive but at least it is now being discussed, especially since a two-year campaign led by UN Human Rights, known as “equality in nationality,” helped break the deadlock by forcing this taboo issue into the open. We have had some advances on women’s equality, but the citizenship issue remains a taboo,” Aouan said.

  • When her sister began losing hope she would be able to afford costly treatment to help regain mobility and speech impaired by brain cancer, and the bank declined to provide the savings, Hafiz said she decided to act.
  • Sexual difficulties are neither discussed publicly nor privately.
  • Over the last decade, Lebanon has experienced an increase in the rate of cancer patients.
  • They won’t always let you cover the bill and will often insist on covering her own meal and even yours.
  • A study by Berra and colleagues also revealed that menopausal women (36.2%) are less distressed by sexual dysfunction in comparison with premenopausal women (64.5%).

Women were refused the right to vote by earlier Lebanese governments, and they were not granted voting rights until they began organizing petitions demanding for equal rights between genders. In 1952, the Women’s Political Rights Agreement was signed, and it gave Lebanese women who had at least finished elementary education the right to vote. The limitation requiring women to at least have an elementary education to vote was lifted five years later in 1957 without much discourse. During a session with the UN Human Rights Council on January 18, 2021, Lebanon’s Universal Periodical Review submitted recommendations designed to enhance human rights measures and protections in Lebanon.

In addition to including an overall budget, the NAP also has an allocated budget for each strategic priority. The NAP does not indicate civil society inclusion in the monitoring and evaluation of the NAP. Differences in prognostic molecular markers between women over and under 45 years of age with advanced ovarian cancer. An average of 189 cases were reported every year, most of them being patients above 40 years of age (89.15%).

She believes it is unacceptable in 2022 to have a political party that does not observe a policy to support the existence of women and achieve equality. She also stressed that there is political support for her candidacy from certain parliamentary blocs and independent or reformists, noting „There is a chance for me to reach the presidency.“ The NAP indicates that the implementation matrix, and the specific indicators listed on it, will serve as a framework for monitoring and reporting on implementation efforts. Additionally, a national baseline study will be conducted during the first year of implementation. There will also be a final evaluation during the last year of implementation.

#IStandwithHer: It is time to change the story

Air Force Central Command traveled to Lebanon to attend the graduation ceremony and show support to 46 women who became the first to ever complete Lebanon’s full three-year officer program. Our systems have detected unusual traffic activity from your network.


The answer, according to the women themselves, is found in the social and developmental constraints placed upon women of intelligence and ambition. Emily Nasrallah writes of women’s social obstacles and yet offers no solution through women who escape and get an education. Eight women surveyed in this study who obtained doctorates and positions at the prestigious Lebanese American University are recognized among other women as leaders but have had limited celebration of their accomplishments.

In 1938–1939, Damascene women organized four nationalist protests against unfair treatment. But political movements were male-dominated, and with growing violence, the message was that the streets were too dangerous for women.

Authors were use two highly disaggregated panel export database and a ‚product-based‘ methodology that allows a mapping of products classified by technological content and their sector of origin. The database used runs from 2003 to 2010 for Jordan and from 1995 to 2009 for Tunisia, providing a pseudo-panel structure. She is also a women’s rights warrior; she used her human-rights expertise to advocate for the cases of imprisoned journalists and Yazidi women abused under ISIS. KAFA captured the attention of people worldwide with their campaign to end child marriage, and they are working endlessly to raise awareness and change laws affecting women.

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