Luckily, Chinese women aren’t just smart; they’re beautiful as well. Most Chinese girls have an incredible figure with beautiful brown eyes and silky hair to die for. If you choose to marry a Chinese wife, you’ll definitely have a partner whose charming smile never gets old. Well, just before you get started on this journey, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the qualities you’ll most likely find in Chinese girls. While the contemporary Chinese mail-order bride may be much different from traditional women, she still shares some similarities. If you’re looking to marry a Chinese mail order wife, you’ll definitely have to go through the traditional Tea Ceremony.

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  • When it comes to finding mail-order wives online, Chinese brides are one of the best choices any man can make.
  • Though a lot of ancient customs have been abolished and reformed, matchmaking is still an important part of the Chinese society and a lot of people still rely on the matchmaker’s wisdom to find the perfect match.

As for the online dating services, it’s not always $80-$120. The point is, there are two types of Chinese brides services—the ones with a premium membership system and the ones with a credit system. The sites with a premium membership system are typically a bit less expensive ($50-$90 per month), but they don’t offer an opportunity to save money. Mail order brides are single women who register on international dating sites with the purpose of meeting a foreign partner for dating and possibly marriage. Mainly, these are young and beautiful ladies from developing countries of Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, but you can find girls of any nationality among them.

The betrothal and dowry customs are an important part of the Chinese. Only after this, then are the two considered officially engaged. The girls’ family sends the dowry consisting of jewelry. This show their support for their daughter getting married to the young man. These gifts are to appreciate the girls’ parents for raising her. In modern Chinese weddings, most young people do not use a matchmaker any more. When my husband is away, we don’t have any way to transport the bread to sell in the city.

Yes, a foreigner can marry Chinese both in China and in the US or nearly anywhere in the world. The above law about unilateral divorce was in force from Tang Dynasty up to its final abolition in the Republic of China’s Civil Code Section 5, passed in 1930.


I tried Eastern Honeys, it was the second dating website I tried, and it was quite ok. It had everything I needed, so I decided to stop searching. Yes, most foreigners who marry a Chinese woman in China get a 1-year L visa, which allows them to work or study and also apply for other visas to obtain Chinese citizenship. The custom of ruzhui (入贅) applied when a relatively wealthy family had no male heirs, while a poorer family had multiple male children.

Collecting the bride

Either following the wedding ceremony or sometimes the next day, the newlyweds would serve tea to the groom’s family. The couple would serve tea in order, starting with the groom’s parents then proceeding from the oldest family member to the youngest.

The Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 provides the legal age of marriage is 21 for males and 18 for females. The average ages of men and women who got married for the first time in the province in 2021 stood at 31.89 years and 30.73 years respectively. Acquiring a set of china isn’t the rite of passage it was decades ago.

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